Untitled Story About Love

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Drafts in ink.


3 thoughts on “Untitled Story About Love

  1. Good stuff, Van. Your inks have all the vibrancy of pencil sketches. I wish I could just attack a blank sheet of paper the way you do. The dog’s my favorite.

    Only criticism I could offer is that it’s hard to tell the male from the female out of context. Maybe exaggerate their gender traits more.

    Can’t wait to see the mini-comic when it’s done.

  2. Well, I totally enjoyed it. My main criticism: I don’t know why she left him the cake.

    Wonderful combination of heartbreaking and funny: her glancing at the clock while whisking (one senses she need not rush), her great relief when the table is set. Many lovely details in those images and then it’s a great touch that she seems to wilt as she sit eating alone.

    Great work!

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