A Political Cartoon

This is the final (please let it be final) version of a strip I did for the gag cartooning class. I’m currently going through all the strips I did for that class and redoing them on 9×12 bristol.


3 thoughts on “A Political Cartoon

  1. Hatching is unbelievable! The nuances in the sky is wonderfully sensitive, especially around the monument. Great coat on the elephant – I feel like we can reach out and touch it.

    Are you hesitating on taking the capitol building all the way to the elephant’s profile? His eyebrows and trunk are so bold, and the building is so delicate that the deliniations of space is very clear. I see where you were arguing with yourself in that triangle of white – if you were worried about being heavy handed and mashing space up, you don’t need to.

    Nice expression on Obama and great brushwork on the train. Daniel, give us more more more!!

    1. Thanks, Van. Good eye on the capitol building. I did struggle with that spot. But you’re right, I could probably fill it in more. Dammit I thought I was done! 😉

  2. I’m very late to the party, and very impressed! Wonderful shading: the sky, the coat, the railroad ties, etc. I love how the tusks become the classic villain’s curled mustache.

    And it’s funny!

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