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  1. Wow. Your inks look like a pencil sketch. That’s really impressive.The tree is amazing. And I really like the look on her face. This is a very raw picture, Van. Awesome.

    Is this part of a larger story? (I hope so.)

    1. Thanks for your kind remarks! The pencilly pen is the Copic Multiliner in .003 – the one that looks like a needle! (Their brush pen is oddly “wetter” than Micron’s, but their smaller size Multiliner is dry and scratchy. I feel like you would love the smaller sizes – .003 and .005)

      Thanks for your feedback on our protagonist – needed to hear that after someone else saw it and said ‘she looked so cute, you just want to grab her!’ I felt Fail. 🙂 It *is* part of a larger story – I’m hurrying to finish two a full-sized bristol panels for a show by Wednesday. Meep.

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