Info Session SVA

I’m still deciding what course to take at the SVA this summer. Wondering if it’s worth going to the information session tonight.  Has anyone been to one of these?


2 thoughts on “Info Session SVA

  1. Yes, i went last year. I think it’s good for figuring out who you like out of those who present, but i’m not sure how it’s helpful if someone you’re considering *doesn’t* present.

    Also, it’s good if you judge a teacher by the work that comes out of the class, since a lot of the presentations are slide shows. That said, i decided to study with Tom because he was funny.

    Hope that’s helpful, Daniel. See you soon – Sarah and I discussed on Saturday and are plotting something for SOON.

  2. Thanks, Van. I wound up going tonight and it was really helpful. In fact, I think Tom’s presentation sold me on taking the Cartooning Basics class this summer. A lot of the class seems to deal with character design and backgrounds and those are things I definitely need to work on. I figure I’m better off taking that course before I move on to Matt Madden or Tom Hart.

    I was also really impressed with the student work that came out of the Printmaking and Illustration Portfolio classes. Really professional looking stuff. The Portfolio class seems to be about finding your own style, which, um, could come in handy. So that course is going on my to-do list.

    That’s my update. I hope these past couple of weeks have been more productive for you than they have been for me. I’ve been obsessively overworking a single political cartoon this whole time. I really miss the structure of class to keep me moving forward.

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